My CES schedule

OK, my CES folder started with roughly 598 invitations to meetings, press conferences, and other events. I have room for about 30 meetings. As ratios go, that kinda sucks.

 Here’s who I’m scheduled to meet with so far:

  • Toshiba – tablet PCs, notebooks, and maybe some HD-DVD
  • NextGen Home – “a comprehensive digital lifestyle for one family”
  • Ricavision – a Bluetooth remote for Media Center PCs
  • GuardID
  • Data Drive Thru Tornado – I am only sorry I have to miss the press conference where a monkey and an eight-year-old girl will battle some IT guy to see who can set up a network faster
  • DirecTV – please, please, please make CableCARD irrelevant
  • Yahoo! Mobile
  • Z-Wave Alliance – home networking rules this year
  • Nero – I’ll try not to use the whole half-hour for tech support questions
  • Microsoft (Windows Vista) – obligatory
  • Microsoft Home Solutions – surprises?
  • Microsoft SPOT- I have resisted lo these many years
  • Digeo – Emmy winners for best use of On Demand technology; if only I could get Stephen Colbert to tag along
  • Dell – they don’t suck as much as they used to, and I plan to tell Michael Dell that
  • TiVo – this should be fun
  • NVidia – if ATI calls, I’ll visit them too
  • AverMedia – my favorite supplier of video capture hardware
  • Niveus – I’ll need an inheritance to actually buy this stuff
  • Sonic Solutions – not Nero, not Roxio, not bad

And two mini tradeshows: ShowStoppers and Digital Experience.

So, who am I missing?

(Oh, and I expect I’ll have some cool swag to give away after the show. Stay tuned.)

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10 thoughts on “My CES schedule

  1. You’re missing Logitech and their Vista Sideshow remotes!!

    Also Creative, if they make a showing…

  2. In your “some HD-DVD” remarks to Toshiba, make sure you tell them how thrilled all of we consumers are to have another video format war going on. (And of course if you can find any Blu-Ray proponents, give them the same message.)

  3. Lunch at Piero’s is a must, plus there are a lot of parties you forgot to mention : )

    Thirty meetings it pretty ambitious. I am doing about 20, but planning on spending a lot more time on the show floor than in previous years. Sometimes you just have to check out the booth and leave it at that, otherwise you won’t get anything done (that travel time to meetings kills you)

  4. I’ve been going to CES and Comdex for more than 25 years, so I know the dangers of overbooking. I’ll be there for the full four days, and I’ve been pretty careful to cluster meetings in the same location to minimize travel downtime. For instance, I have four back-to-back meetings in adjacent booths in the Sands Hall on Monday morning.

    And Judy will be there with me, so we’re more likely to spend time together at night rather than going out partying all night. The ShowsStoppers and Digital Experience events take care of Sunday and Monday nights, and I have a ticket to the Monster party on Tuesday night, with George Benson and Al Jarreau. If I can get another ticket, then we’ll probably both go to that one.

  5. Ed, I’m sure you have a final (or close to final if nothing else) copy of Windows Vista sitting around. Would it be possible for you to acquire a sample DX10 card from Nvidia and tell us how some of the Next Gen games run in DX10 mode (e.g. Flight Sim X or Company of Heroes) etc?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

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