A weekend puzzler

Carl and Craig and I have burned through a pretty big pile of pages so far, but we’re still less than halfway home. So while I read proofs, maybe someone wants to tackle this puzzle.

I have a folder full of 13 files. In Windows Explorer, every file has a date and time stamp of 12/31/1994 5:00 PM and is exactly 44 bytes in length.

What do I need to do to copy these files?

… Oh, and a major shout-out to The Dixie Chicks for their five Grammy nominations. I am really, really looking forward to seeing Shut Up and Sing.

6 thoughts on “A weekend puzzler

  1. Are they the .cda fake files you get from an Audio CD? If so I guess you need a ripper (Windows Media Player would do it)

  2. Same here on the Dixie Chicks. Shouldn’t we ID all the prominent people who had good forejudgment and took the heat? After we find out who they are, they deserve a parade.

    Whatever happened to Toby Keith? (I noticed he never signed up and put on the greens.) Ha!

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