Best Vista communities?

Now that Windows Vista is on a glide path to a final release (with a few million individuals and businesses already having access to it), I’m building a list of sources for great advice and information about using Windows Vista.

I’ve got a few sites bookmarked already, but I’m interested in your input. Which sites do you trust? Which ones have the best news, the best tips, the best message boards, the best writing?

Post links in the comments.

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12 thoughts on “Best Vista communities?

  1. Ed,

    I’ve found to be very good. I’m almost sure I got the link from you so that probably doesn’t help much. Your arch-nemisis over at has written some very good articles. I’d like to hear the two of you duke it out some time on Windows Weekly.

    Like some of the other folks here, I’m starting an IT/Sysadmin-focused blog, but I’ll refrain from pimping it because it’s not ready.

    One more thing, and maybe this is your intention, but you probably get quite a bit of traffic, so I think it’d be really nice to share the wealth a bit by putting at least a short blogroll over there on the right.

  2. That is indeed my intention (and then some). I’ve listed a blogroll here in the past, but it was kind of a pain to keep up. Once this crunch passes, I’ll be rebuilding it and introducing a new project.

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