At least it’s stopped snowing. And the sun will come out tomorrow. And the next day. And even the next day.

The dog, of course, loves it. It was, um, a bracing walk this afternoon. Judy did walkies this morning, when the snow was still fresh. This is in the front yard, before heading out.

8 thoughts on “Brrrrrrr

  1. boy you think you have problems with the cold.well we have these darn problems with cell phone users down here in take a look and i’m sure you will agree.

    Some of you know that one of my pet peeves is the almost constant use of cell phones by people while driving or shopping , dining ,etc. Well, it has gone beyond even that now with them using them at the beach. This goes beyond being inconsiderate, in my opinion.

    While on the beach recently, I had to just sit there and listen to this woman for two full hours while she talked on her cell phone and pranced back forth in front of me. I couldn’t concentrate on my book.

    How rude can she be? If you know her, please tell her to be
    considerate of others!

    This simply must stop.
    hope the pictures came through,she is a real looker.

  2. Sorry, Ed, I can’t really sympathize when I am sitting in Fairbanks, AK, and the temp downtown was about -30 F a couple of days ago. +27 F sounds great!

    Excellent column, BTW.


  3. Well, it was 8 F yesterday morning at sunrise–bright, sunny, no wind, and lots of fresh snow. This morning it’s 14 F with a stiff wind. Still I’ll take that over -30 F!

  4. Thanks for sharing. I agree the dog is a charmer,but the puusycats are smart enough to stay inside! Chilly here and I don’t envy the snow – it’s great you can get out and enjoy it.

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