7 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy

  1. I’ve read almost every word of the various Office 2007 Microsoft team blogs, and am struck by their brilliance, and by their repeated stubborness and how many different things they reinvented rather than use an existing standard. Now I’m scouring the OpenOffice developer blogs and they’re focused on adding features to the ODF specification rather than spending an inordinate amount of time improving file conversions with MSOffice. OpenOffice won’t stand still, and won’t lurch after Office 2007.

    Interesting indeed.

  2. I’ve been working with Office 2007 (especially Word and Outlook) since the RC was sent to me. For the most part I like them a great deal — the single biggest improvement in Word, specifically, is the fact that I’m paying a lot more attention to my work and a lot less attention to the interface.

  3. Hi Ed: Just wondered if in your wanderings in Vista if you had found any “undocumented” method of sharing Contacts between Outlook 2007 and Windows Mail. I remember you wrote about how to do it with XP for OL and OE and just wondered if you’d found anything similar in Vista. The WinMail Team offers no clues. I tried asking. Looking forward to the release of your book.

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