6 thoughts on “And he’s a “smug little twit,” too

  1. Good riddance, these commercials never invoked my funny bone. This was another ad campaign that was run into the ground. Not sure who or why anyone thought that insulting your potential customers was a good idea. These commercials reminded me of when good athletes make an anti-stem cell commercial. It makes me think, “Hey I liked you, dude; now I think you’re a jerk!”

    I like Justin Long before these; now I never want to see him in a movie again. (Jeez, I’m sensitive!)

  2. “…and efficiently lays out the advantages of Macs over PCs.”

    Quite possibly one of the funniest things I’ve read recently. Can anyone do deceptive, inaccurate, holier-than-thou advertising better than Apple?

    The most recent ad I saw suggests that you cannot edit video and create a compelling project using a PC. Odd, as I do that for a living using a PC. At no point in time has my PC ever generated a fat, ugly guy in drag.

    The one about meetings and running MS Office is amusing as well, as they are merely pointing out something that the PC also does, and does just as well, and will always do.

  3. I dunno – I liked Justin as the geek kid in the movie Galaxy Quest, but he still doesn’t make me want a Mac.

  4. What? I’m the only person who likes these ads?

    Sure, they’re inaccurate. And that makes them different from most advertising how?

    And no, I don’t think they’re particularly effective. They certainly haven’t inspired me to dash down to the Apple store. Probably something to do with that “smug little twit.”

    But I think most of ’em are hilarious; they’re among the very few ads I don’t zip through while watching a Tivo-ed show.

  5. I thought the ads were funny at first. Clever, even. But the series is really tired, and the latest ones are just variations on the same theme. Ultimately, this was the classic case of an ad agency doing clever creative that doesn’t really reach the target market.

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