Another feed gone wrong

Mary Jo Foley leaves Microsoft Watch and Jim Rapoza takes over. Big redesign. Content? Oh, we’re supposed to actually write interesting things?

This review of Windows Media Player 11 is going to give last week’s contender a serious run for Worst. Review. Ever.


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3 thoughts on “Another feed gone wrong

  1. I’ve been using WMP11 since it went Beta 1 and really liked it. Best feature: searching the library (I’ve got 90GB of music) doesn’t slow things down to a crawl, and it’s just a lot easier to FIND things in the library, period. The final version also works properly with my iRiver juke.

  2. Has Jim Rapoza really taken over for Mary Jo? The bulk of the posts that I’ve seen since Mary Jo left have been by Peter Galli. Maybe they have multiple people posting now?

  3. I totally agree with Ed on this one. Not that Mary Jo is well known for rich content either.


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