Vista tips, get yer Vista tips!

My newest post on ZDNet is up.

Last month, I published 10 tweaks for Windows Vista RC1. It got a good response, but it also drew some complaints. “Too basic,” said some critics. “And hey, those aren’t all tweaks.”

OK, fair enough. To satisfy the critics (you know who you are), I present 10 expert tweaks for Windows Vista RC2. No beginner-level stuff here, and I’ve clearly labeled which are tips and which are tweaks.

To see the entire collection of tips and tweaks in order, start here. Or, if you’d prefer to jump directly to whatever interests you, see all 10 on a single quick list and jump directly to the ones that interest you.

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3 thoughts on “Vista tips, get yer Vista tips!

  1. Excellent tips. I have a quick question for you – did you use the Vista snipping tool to capture those screen prints or something else? I’m having trouble quickly capturing good looking Vista screen prints (with rounded corners) for my latest round of web updates. I’m running Vista RC1 on my main computer (it really seems too late to upgrade to RC2…) and the snip tool isn’t doing the job.


  2. Brad, I used the most recent build of SnagIt 8, which works very well with RC2. I would strongly recommend updating to RC2 (RTM bits won’t be available for a while, maybe a long while) and we had quite a few problems getting the rounded corners to appear with RC1 consistently.

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