Memories of 95

Via Steve Clayton, Brandon passes along a link to the original Windows 95 launch ad:  

I actually remember watching this commerical on TV, or something similar. I was 13 years old and had just entered the 6th Grade. I remember all the news broadcasts about people waiting outside computer stores to buy their copy of Windows 95.

In 6th grade? I was one month away from turning 40 years old and oddly, I don’t remember ever seeing this commercial. I think I spent the next month or two recovering from the long, long, long build-up to Windows 95. Judy and I spent a week in the San Juan Islands and another week in Hawaii and didn’t watch much TV.

The most poignant thing about this video to me is at about the :54 mark: the brief distant view of the Manhattan skyline, with the unmistakable silhouette of the Twin Towers.

5 thoughts on “Memories of 95

  1. and don’t forget Killing my software with Windows
    [audio src="" /]

    8 megs is recommended / but I’ve got only 5 — hard to believe when RAM is measured in GB.

    But that’s the way it was.

  2. I remember that ad, except we didn’t get the full minute here in the Midwest. It was a chopped and diced version of the visual, with the soundtrack cut short. I do recall a minor uproar over the Stones “selling out.” Not sure where I got that from. Could have been our library’s BBS.

    Anyway, my boss was happy to stay with Windows 3.1 at the office for as long as possible, and I was still using 3.3 at home. DOS 3.3, that is. So, 95 was just a wish and a dream for me.

    (Ed, you’re a year older than me.)

  3. I set up new communications for an old independant convenient store this past week. All the pc’s in the store were Windows95.

    It was a so funny when the owner said “Why do I have to upgrade, I thought you told us in 1999 that we were year 2000 compliant?”

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