About that Fox News Windows 8 “exclusive”

They’re not making exclusives like they used to.

Fox News, September 9, 2011:


Exclusively? Really, Fox News? Perhaps your reporters and editors need to take a class in how to use a search engine.

Let’s dial the Wayback Machine for 90 days ago, shall we?

ComputerWorld, June 3, 2011:


In the same story, Fox reporter John Brandon offered the following mind-boggling, hilarity-inducing insights:

  • “a ribbon interface … will make its debut in just about every dialog box and bundled application, not just the Paint app.” [Really? Ribbons in dialog boxes?]
  • “the new OS will provide direct access to the contents inside an ISO image, which is normally a protected file used for burning DVDs.” [Really? ISO files are protected?]
  • Windows 7 was partly successful because it was a minor upgrade from Windows Vista.” [Really? A minor upgrade from Vista?]
  • The other major competitor is also an Apple product: the iOS.” [Really? Did you read about that on the Twitter?]

It’s worth noting that the last story this intrepid reporter filed was “Heavy Duty Pickup Truck Showdown.” No, I am not making this up.

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