Got a Windows or Xbox or Office problem? Try the Fix It center

Microsoft just rolled out a nifty overhaul to its Fix It program, a neat Solution Center that makes it easier to find out quickly if a known fix is available for a specific problem. The idea behind the program is to give you a big Fix It button that runs a repair script, changes some registry keys, or otherwise does the sort of tweak even experienced Windows users aren’t comfortable with doing manually.

I’ve only taken a quick look around the new Fix it Solution Center website, but so far I like what I see.

After the jump, a quick visual tour.


You can start your search with a specific product or technology or just jump into a list of problems, using a search box to filter results.


When I ran a Fix It program for the first time, it installed a local version as well, which comes in handy if you’re diagnosing a problem that is keeping you from getting to the web. Here’s what you’ll see if you run the Fix It Center program from your Programs menu:


If you’ve previously installed the troubleshooting module, you’ll see a Run button. If you’re trying one for the first time, you’ll have to click Install and go through the setup process to make the Run button appear. Each troubleshooter walks you through a series of diagnostic steps and performs a repair operation if it identifies an error or misconfiguration. You can do the  whole thing manually or let it run automatically. Either way, you can view a report of the diagnostic results and any actions performed.


Microsoft says the service contains more than 500 selections and that they’ve improved the experience by placing the Run button right alongside the associated problem in the results list.

I’ve used Fix It solutions on several occasions with no problems. They’re quick, easy, and always worth a try if you’re stuck with a Windows, Xbox, Zune, or Office problem, or if you’re having troubles with Internet Explorer or Windows Media Player. Even if you can’t solve your problem, you’ll know you’ve covered all the basic diagnostics and haven’t skipped a step.