2 ATI cable tuners for sale

Update: And then there were none. Both tuners are now sold. Thanks, everyone!

With the addition of a new Ceton InfiniTV tuner, I’ve now completed a Media Center upgrade that has been going on since spring. I’m almost done with a detailed look at the whole setup—I just need to add some pictures. The last time I provided a detailed look at my Media Center was in April 2008. Here’s what the system looked like back then:

With external tuners and a tower PC, this system is too big for the living room

Meanwhile, the Ceton device has passed the initial burn-in test with flying colors. After some initial setup glitches, everything has now been working well for a full month. As a result, my two old ATI stand-alone Digital Cable Tuners are ready to move to a new home (or homes).

Amazingly, I was actually able to find the original boxes and packing material for these gizmos.

I’ve got two of them for sale—if you know what they are you know what they’re worth and how to install them, hit me up via the contact form (or via Twitter, @edbott) and we can talk.