My (not so) old Tablet PC finds a home

Last week, I asked, “Who wants my (not so) old Tablet PC?

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who took the time to write and make a case for why they would make a good home for this machine. The respondents included:

  • An amateur photographer planning a trip to the Czech Republic this fall, who would use the machine to download photos for archiving and preliminary editing. Having just traveled to Italy and done the same, I know how well this particular Tablet PC works for that task.
  • An IT manager for an international charity who wants to replace his paper note-taking routine with OneNote and pass his desktop PC along to a colleague using an older PC. (The good news, in this case, is that OneNote works exceptionally well on a desktop PC, lacking only handwriting support.)
  • A contract software developer in the Pacific Northwest who worked on the original Tablet SDK and wants to write a new version of the crossword puzzle app but doesn’t currently have a digitizer.

But the winning entrant is a Houston-based therapist who wants to cut down paper in her practice. As a bonus, I know she has excellent hardware and software support in the same household and has already had the opportunity to experiment with the Tablet PC form factor. Best of all, her spouse is planning to write about the experience.

I’ll let Dwight pick up the story from here.

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